Sports Therapy by Sports People

Although injuries are treated in a clinical environment, the sporting background that I have has allowed me to develop a keen understanding of the strains accrued by th031e body through sport. By embracing all the experience I have gained throughout my career, it was clear that the natural progression was to become a fully qualified Sports Therapist. 

Sports Therapy is a privileged area and I am lucky to have had the opportunity to participate in such a variety of sports, from training teams at the highest level to testing, rehabilitating, treating injuries.

Following careful planning over a number of years, I decided to locate the Physical and Sports Therapy Clinic in Monaghan. I felt clients were in need of a dedicated purpose, commercial facility, the establishment of which would prove crucial in providing a comprehensive professional service to the general public.                                                            


John was employed by the Defence Forces as a Physical Training Instructor, managing the Gymnasium in Monaghan. Assuming this role lead his career to an area not normally on offer to the general public – duties of the role included:

1. Fitness testing up to 1,500 personnel, annually.

2. Re-habilitation programmes for those not up to fitness standards.

3. Instructing on Fitness Instructors Courses.

4. Lectures to Pre-Retirement Course, in a healthy lifestyle.

5. Officiating at various sporting events.

6. Member of Testing Board for Students on Fitness Courses.

7. Training Soldiers for the rigours of daily life in the I.D.F.

8. Implementing re-habilitation programs for injured colleagues.

9. Administration required of efficient testing.

10. Full participation in all related activities.

John’s portfolio of Work includes:

Gym instructor I.A.W.A.

Circuit and Weight Training Instructors course Defence Forces.

Physical Training Leaders course Defence Forces.

Physical Training Instructors DF School of Physical Culture.

National Certificate in Exercise and Fitness University of Limerick.

Reebok Step Instructors 1&2.

Manual Handling instr DF School of Physical Culture.

G.A.A. Coaching.

Foundation level Coaching.

Level 1 Coaching.

Level 2 Coaching.

Anatomy and Physiology I.T.E.C.

Sports Massage I.T.E.C.

Sports Therapy equipment I.T.E.C.

Kinesio Tape Practitioner.

Sports First Aid 2012

Heart-saver CPR AED 2012

Work Experience

Member of the Board for Ulster Council G.A.A. for protocols and fitness Test norms for County based Development squad

Monaghan Strength and Conditioning Coach Senior Football 1998 > 2000

Monaghan u21 Strength and Conditioning Coach 1998 > 2000

Presenting Strength and Conditioning seminars Ulster Council

Presenting Speed Work for the Ulster Council.

john 001Fitness Test Coach for County based Development Squads.

Fitness Test Coach Emerging Talent .F.A.I.

Presenting Strength and Conditioning for Monaghan County Board .

Fitness coach with Monaghan Rugby Club.

Training and Coaching various Senior teams GAA.

Managing Sports Therapy clinic for 15 years .

Sports Therapist to Monaghan county Minors.

Sports Therapist to Cavan/Monaghan underage league.

Sports Therapist to Emerging Talent  F.A.I. 2011/2012

Fitness Testing Coach and Lifestyle Management Coach C.M.U.L.

Strength and Conditioning Coach Emerging Talent F.A.I.

Strength and Conditioning Coach Monaghan United U 19s 2012/13

Sports Therapist with Truagh Gaels G.A.A. Senior Team.

Sports Therapist St Macartan’s McRory cup squad.

Sports Therapist with Monaghan Snr Hurling Team 2010-2011.

Sports Therapist with Monaghan U21 Hurling Team 2011

Sports Therapist with Monaghan Development Squad 2011.

Full time employed as Forces Physical Training Instructor.

Sports Therapist with CMUL Kennedy Cup 2011 University of Limerick.

Sports Therapist with Cremartin G.F.C 2011/12/13/14

Sports Therapist with Monaghan County Minors 2012 ( Hurling)

Sports Therapist with Monaghan United U 19 Squad 2012/13

Sports Therapist with CMUL Kennedy Cup Squad 2012 UOL

Sports Therapist with Monaghan County Minor Football Team 2013/14

Sports Therapist with Monaghan Snr Hurling Team 2013/14

Sports Therapist with Monaghan Minor Hurling Team 2013/14

Sports Therapist to CMUL Milk Cup 2013

Providing Facilities and Professional Clinical Experience to Students on Sports Massage Course MIFET 2013

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