When you book an appointment with JOB Physical & Sports Therapy, you are normally booked in on the hour. As your injury is important to us, you will be treated as a stand alone treatment – this way, potential delays are avoided and your time with us is spent entirely in treatment.


The treatment process begins with a questionnaire on your injury history/circumstances and certain medical conditions relevant to your record. Doctor’s referral is studied and explained.


Following the initial screening of the injury, you are assessed by way of visual examination, then through passive, active and resistive movements, establishing strength and range of movement.

Treatment Plan

Based on the results of your assessment, a treatment plan is outlined for you. Your injury will be explained to way of a 3D image, chart and diagram.


Depending on the nature, time and area of your injury, a program of combined therapy treatment will be designed, including all or some of the following: Heat; Ultrasonics; Euro-therapy; Interferential; Friction; Neurotech and G5 Mechanical Massage. Taping or Strapping may be applied.


A program of advanced stretching to attain improved range of movement, proprioception to increase balance, strength and exercise relevant to your activity, is designed following the treatment process. All exercises and drills are demonstrated and supervised and can take place in a suitable location of your choosing, should that be your preference. 


With a professional background in fitness and experience in all areas of sport, I also provide health-related fitness assessment services, in addition to therapy treatment. Having worked as Fitness Instructor in the Irish Defence Forces, as well as for the Ulster Council, I have an astute knowledge of providing this service for individuals and teams, be it on a recreational or professional level.

This service includes:

Resting Measures with score values.

Height and weight with metric scales and stadiometre.

B.M.I. scaling.

Percentage body fat measurement with Omron or harpender calipers.

Muscular strength with Dyna Grips.

Muscular Endurance with specific one minute assessment press up/sit up test, with score value to age.

Flexibility with sit and reach and goniometre.

Cardiovascular endurance as selected with heart rate response and Estimated V02 max.

Advanced Core Stability exercises relevant to your ability and demonstrated, innovative training techniques are applied to achieve maximum results.

Why not consult John on your Sport or activity and seek professional advice!

“Sports Therapy by Sports People”