Injuries, whether to the serious athlete or to the recreational exerciser, are virtually unavoidable. Most are caused by extrinsic factors, while other injuries are caused by intrinsic factors. However, an injury, whether caused by either of the aforementioned, is normally treated in a similar way. A muscle injury or tear is graded from 1 > 3 and normally does not require surgery. Injury prevention in activity can be avoided by acknowledging the following:

1. Diet.

2. Hydration.

3. Proper warm up  / cool down.

4. Correct Training environment.

5. Correct Training Techniques.

6. Correct Intensity to your ability.

7. Correct training Clothing/Equipment.

8. Proper Structured Program.

9. Medical Clearance.

10. Equal muscular strength.

If you receive an Injury, it is important to apply the R.I.C.E. Principles.

R.   Rest – avoidance of offending activities.

I.    Ice – extracts the heat from the injury site causing vasoconstriction.

C.   Compression – bandage to reduce the fluid to the injury site.

E.   Elevation – to decrease blood flow to the area.

Injury * Hospital/Doctor/R.I.C.E. * Treatment

Rehabilitation (Sports Specific ) * Return to Sport

Example of the healing process of an injury and the timeframe to recovery

By using a specifically trained Sports/Physical Therapist, you are guaranteed hands-on treatment that is to the highest ethical and clinical standards.

The objective is to restore full functional movement and prevent the formation of scar tissue (Fibrosis) and Muscular Atrophy. When pain permits, the range of motion is normally reduced but through specific stretching techniques, the retracted fibers are addressed to normal functional movement. Clinical treatment with combined therapy is applied, which, may include: Interferential; Ultrasonics; Mechanical Massage; Heat; Massage; Friction; Specific Specialist Stretching and Cryotherapy.

It is important to seek out a Physical Therapist to avoid Atrophy and fibrosis which are incompatible with normal healthy muscle function.

John assisting with injury specific stretching for Plymouth Albion and former Ulster Rugby player Davey McGregor

“Sports Therapy by Sports People”